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Travel Creators Club “Skills Development & Collaboration” Survey Results

Travel Creators Club “Skills Development & Collaboration” Survey Results Cover Image.

Travel Creators Club recently had a survey making the rounds entitled “Skills Development and Collaboration”. What inspired this topic was the results from our previous survey: Embarking on the Creative Odyssey. There we identified 4 main pain points in the community:

1. The biggest challenge that the majority of travel content creators (66.67%) face is making an income from their content.

2. 54.55% of respondents struggled to keep up with new platforms and trends

3. The majority of creators have experienced burnout (63.64%)

4. Less than 20% of them are making more than $3,000 per month

At TCC we looked at how we can leverage skills development and collaboration to help alleviate some of the strain by joining forces and bringing new opportunities to monetize their content.

Below you will find the survey results and the links to all the opportunities mentioned in the presentation.

Overview of the “Skills Development and Collaboration” Survey

Here is the link to the results of the previous survey: Travel Creators Club “Embarking on the Creative Odyssey” Survey Results

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