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Travel Content Creators: Masters of Many Hats

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Back in the day, you could get by knowing a lot about one thing while not giving much attention to anything else. “Just do your job and do it well” was the motto. But as the general landscape of society has become ever more complicated to navigate, we have all had to adopt new skills in order to survive.

A study published by the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, 85 million jobs could pass from the hands of humans to machines and algorithms, while 97 million new roles could emerge from the ashes. So, more and more people have had to start learning new skills to stay relevant. Well, what has this got to do with travel content creators? This singular group of individuals has had to take things to the next level and master so many different skills that it brings a whole new meaning to the old adage “Jack of all trades”.

So, today we will be taking a gander at some of the many hats that travel content creators need to wear in order to keep their brand alive. For plenty of other articles to help you navigate the complex world of travel content creation, check out our Resources page for articles, survey results, reports, interviews, and more.

Mastering Travel Creator Hats

1. The Adventurous Storyteller

First and foremost, every travel content creator is a storyteller. It matters little if you are all about making videos or a hard-core blogger pouring your heart into every word, at the core there is a story being told.

2. The Visual Maestro

Photography and videography, while not everyone’s medium of choice, it is such an important part of the content game that everyone needs some skills in this field. While some of us are complete idiots when it comes to things like composition, lighting, and the like, we try to do the best with the talents we have and those amazing royalty-free stock photo sites.

The other aspect is the photo editing. Behind every breathtaking travel photo, cover photo, featured blog image, or travel video, there is a bucket of empty polish that goes into making everything all shiny and beautiful. More often than not, content creators double as skilled photo editors. We all know that old saying of pictures being worth thousands of words. Well, it’s true. And the better the pic, the more words it’s worth.

3. The Entrepreneurial Visionary

Then comes the real work. You got to hang up the creator hat for a bit because to be a successful travel content creator, you need to be a boss. Most of the people who make it in this space are savvy entrepreneurs. They set up and grow their brand, negotiate collaborations, and monetize their content through sponsors, affiliate marketing, selling guides, merchandise sales, and so on.

This can be tough for content creators, and despite the fact that “Business to Freelancer” interactions have improved significantly in recent years, it doesn’t make the grind of dealing with the business side of things any more fun. This means you have to have a solid long-term vision and be willing to do the dirty lifting along with all the fun parts of the travel creation journey, if you hope to succeed.

4. The Marketing Maven

If you want to reach people you simply have to do some marketing. I am sure there are some anecdotal stories out there of people’s pages blowing up without any effort. But let’s be real, to have a fighting chance you need to do some marketing. As travel content creators are their own marketing managers, they have to figure out how to use social media effectively, run worthwhile email campaigns, overcome SEO frustrations, create strategies to promote their work, and engage with followers.

This is no small task, especially as you are trying to juggle it along with the content creation and business side of things.

5. The Travel Tech Whiz

Not much to say here. Be it drones or editing software, travel content creators are generally a tech-savvy bunch.

6. The Financial Guru

Money, money, money. This is where travelers who are working as they explore show their true ability to master many hats. Creators become their own accountants, keeping track of income, expenses, taxes, and bribes, while figuring out how to get by if for some reason your viewership suddenly takes a nose dive thanks to the latest Google update which nobody was warned about, and the price of a visa in the country you are heading to just went up and now requires some sort of $20 “health insurance”, all the while you are trying desperately to just save up enough for a new laptop cause the screen is cracked and 4 of the buttons don’t work. I digress.

Traveling can be expensive and making money online can be hard, so it takes a lot of skill and dedication to be able to keep the books balanced while on the road.

7. The Travel Agent Content Creator Extraordinaire

Whosoever joins the rank of travel content creator will eventually become a master travel agent. Planning an itinerary, going through several different apps to book accommodation, and checking Google Flights for a deal on next month’s tickets, can all happen in half an hour at the breakfast table if you are a travel content creator.

8. The Time Management Pro

If you have read all the previous ones then this one speaks for itself. If you haven’t, trust me there is a lot to keep track of in a timely manner.


Travel content creators wear numerous hats and learn all the terminology that goes with each in order to be successful. It’s not for everyone. I think most people would hate being out and about in foreign countries being fully self-reliant, building their business as they travel, all the while trying to keep their lives together while producing attention-worthy content in which people might find some value. I take my hat off to those who manage it.

“The only hat worth wearing was the one you made for yourself, not one you bought, not one you were given. Your own hat, for your own head. Your own future, not someone else’s” – Sir Terence David John Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky