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Must-Know Sites and Apps for Travel Content Creators

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As travel content creators we often rely on a multitude of tools and resources to capture, document, and share our travels. Along with those are sites and apps for planning trips, booking accommodation, getting to grips with some words from the local tongue, and, and, and.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most useful websites and apps that you might find useful as a travel creator. Many of these might be well known to most, but we hope that there will be one or two that might help to bring some optimization or fun to your next trip.

Finding the Right Accommodation

An old traveler I once met said that the most important thing to make sure of while traveling is that you find a place to lay down your head before the sun sets. With that in mind, we will start with accommodation. While it is always a nice touch arriving in a country and just finding a place to stay on a whim, it is not always the best practice, and many countries will require you to show some booking or document showing where you plan to stay.

These days finding decent places to stay can be very easy with a plethora of sites all offering great deals. Two things to note; first, make sure to shop around as the same place might be listed for different prices on different platforms. The second thing to always check is the cancellation policies. Some sites are quite generous with this and will allow you to book and cancel bookings at the drop of a hat. This is great for providing the customs officer with a confirmed booking, even if you don’t plan to stay at the booked location.

Also, before booking anything make sure to check the photos, research the location, and read all those user reviews to be sure you don’t end up in a crappy place.

Now on to some sites:

Booking.com: Most people know this platform as they have been around for a long time. It is widely used for booking accommodations worldwide. One specific thing to note that makes Booking.com great is its Genius Loyalty Program which allows you to move up a tier list by making bookings, and then gaining benefits such as free room upgrades, discounts at certain properties, and so on.

Agoda: Agoda is similar to Booking in most respects, but is most well known for its vast database of accommodations across Asia.

Airbnb: This one is great for those looking to find more unique and local accommodations (less corporate). Here anyone can list their accommodation, whether it be a tiny room in the home of a family living in Sri Lanka or a chateau on the French Riviera, you can find something interesting here.

Hostelworld: This is also a global site that offers budget-friendly hostels. It is a great resource for those who are backpacking or just want to save a bit of money on hotel bills. It should also be mentioned that hostels are the best places to meet interesting people and make friends. Even if you are staying somewhere else, hostels often have a cool bar with cheap drinks and good parties.

CouchSurfing: CouchSurfing is not all it used to be, but is still worth mentioning here. It is a site that offers a hospitality exchange service where you can request free short-term homestays or interact with other people who are interested in travel. There is a small monthly fee to use the service, but it can be a fun and interesting way to meet some locals. Be warned though, there are some pervs on that site, so make sure to check the person’s profile carefully before proposing a meetup or requesting a couch to sleep on for a night or two.

Transportation: Getting Around While Capturing Travel Content

Whether you need to fly, go by train, or take a car, transportation is the one quintessential part of travel that can not be avoided. It doesn’t matter how much you hate sitting on a noisy bus for a few hours, at some point you will have to do it.

In preparation for your coming exertions, it is always good to have some good places to find info and make a booking, so let’s look at a few useful transport sites:

BlaBlaCar: This is a big-ass community-based travel network. It basically just allows people to advertise their car journeys, like a car-pool. So if you need a ride somewhere, you download the app or go to the BlaBlaCar website and look for people traveling in the direction you want to go. It will show all the people planning a journey along that route, how many seats they have available, and how much they charge for taking people with them. This is a great app to use in Europe where it is very popular, but it is also available in many other parts of the world.

Skyscanner: This is by far one of the most useful sites when it comes to finding cheap flights. It is a powerful flight search engine that provides you with plenty of options from a variety of different airlines and online travel agencies. This is often your best bet for finding the best deal on air tickets. One trick to always keep in mind while searching for flights on sites like these is to look for the specific flight then go to the airline website directly and see if you can’t get a better deal.

Google Flights: As with most things from Google, this is a user-friendly tool to search for flights, somewhat similar to Skyscanner. There is one cool feature though that allows you to search for flights to anywhere for a specific date, and while it is not unique to Google Flights, they do give you a world map with the prices showing to all the locations on it.

Rome2rio: This site could go into some other categories also, as it offers comprehensive information on places around the world as well as detailed info on how to get from point A to B, including various transportation options. This is great for people who want to figure out different methods of getting from where they are to where they want to go. It includes routes for flights, buses, cars, and trains, with links to the site where you can make a booking.

Kiwi.com: Yet another booking platform, but this one allows travelers to combine different airlines into a single itinerary. Why is that a good idea? Well, it often saves money. Imagine you are flying from Amsterdam to Bali. Somewhere you will need to make a stop-over, probably somewhere like Singapore. So you look for flights and find one with Singapore Airlines taking you all the way, with a quick stopover in Singapore. Now you can jump on to Kiwi and search it again. They might find that the Amsterdam to Singapore leg of your trip is a good price, but that the second part can be done much cheaper on a local budget airline. So, you get one ticket from one company and the other from another. This can save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Ride-Sharing Apps: Each country has its own flair for ride-sharing apps these days, be it Yandex Go, Bolt, Uber, or whatever the local brand might be. These can be a lifesaver when arriving in a foreign land, especially if you are not too keen on getting ripped off by old-school taxi drivers who are all too ready to rip off a freshly landed tourist. The best is to research which companies operate in the country you are heading to and go with what works there.

Finding Your Way as You Work and Travel

This is one thing that has really come a long way and makes life so much easier on so many levels. In terms of travel, these map apps are beyond useful.

Google Maps: This is perhaps the most famous of all the map apps out there and certainly one of the most used and useful. It is an all-in-one navigation tool that offers offline maps, directions, and reviews and gives all the info you might need to know about places, like pricing, opening times, etc. It should be mentioned that Apple Maps and Bing Maps are also a thing, but they don’t come close to Google’s version of maps

Maps.me: Best known for its accurate offline maps and detailed navigation, Maps.me is a very handy app when you’re off the grid or looking for things like hiking trails. This platform was launched using open-source data and allows users to add new places to the map, like good places to camp in the wilderness or where free drinkable water might be found.

Waze: Offers directions and real-time traffic updates for those driving by car. It has a very nice community behind with users being able to comment on the roads they are on. For example, with just 2 taps on the screen of your phone, you can warn other motorists of an accident, potholes in the road, a police checkpoint, or whatever.

Try Volunteering and House Sitting to Save on Travel

While the concept of going abroad and doing some volunteering to immerse yourself in the culture or experience something new has been around forever, in the past this is something that people were willing to pay for. Today there are a couple of sites that will allow you to either list a volunteer opportunity you might have or you can look through all the opportunists and request to go help someone out for a while.

Most of the time these opportunities provide some level of food and lodging for a few hours of work a day. This makes for an excellent way to meet some locals and explore a new area without the need to spend money on accommodation.

Workaway: This is probably the most well-known platform for volunteering and cultural exchanges. They include a wide range of projects, from working on an eco-farm in Turkey picking olives to teaching basic English to 6-year-olds in Nepal, there is something for everyone.

HelpX: Also connects travelers with hosts who offer accommodation in exchange for help with various tasks. HelpX has a slightly less stellar reputation than Workaway, but it can be equally useful. It should be mentioned that both these platforms have annual subscription fees, but it is usually cheaper to pay for a year than to stay in a hotel for 2 nights.

TrustedHousesitters: If you don’t mind looking after a pet or two, then this can be a great way of getting some free accommodation while living in the house of a local family. Pet Sitting or housesitting is something that people would just ask the neighbors to do while they are out of town, but this site allows you to find people going away for a bit and looking for someone to come and take care of their property while they are away.

WWOOFing: The term stands for ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.’ The volunteers are called ‘WWOOFers’ and get the opportunity to spend time on an organic farm, where you can learn what it’s like to run a farm, how everything works, and get some valuable insights into sustainable agriculture practices.

Travel Translation and Communicating With the Locals

The number of apps and courses for learning languages online can be overwhelming, but there are a few free ones that can help you learn some basic words in a target language or just assist in figuring out what all those squiggles on the menu are saying.

Duolingo: Most people who have looked at learning a language from their phone might have run into this app. It is an interactive language-learning app that strives to teach you in a game-ish way. This is definitely not the best way to learn, but if you spend a week or two using the app before heading out on your adventure, some of the vocabulary is sure to stick and help you out on your travels.

Google Translate: By far the most useful language tool in the world today. It is a versatile translation app that supports the normal old text translation but also allows for full-on voice conversations between people speaking different languages with the phone translating out loud. Another amazing feature is the image translation function, as it allows you to point your phone camera at any word and it will instantly translate the words in real-time. Again it should be mentioned that there is also Microsoft Translator, and while it is fairly good, it still falls short of the Google one.

Editing, AI, Stock Images, and Other Useful Travel Content Tools

This is going to be a mix-bag of tools and sites that might be of use to travel content creators. While most of the previous headings covered more travel-related topics, this one will focus more on the creation aspect.

Gimp: If you don’t have the cash to buy Photoshop then this can be the perfect alternative. It is free open-source software that works in much the same way as Photoshop. There are plenty of tutorials online, and a vibrant community around the app is always ready to help.

CapCut: This is a free video editor that is easy to use and comes with so many features that you will feel like a pro in no time. This is a favorite of many travel TikTokers.

ChatGPT: The infamous AI that has shaken up the world. If you don’t know, this is a tool that can understand human language and has a vast repository of knowledge, so it can help you do anything from structuring an article to writing a cringeworthy rap song about working on a laptop while the sun is out.. You get the point.

Google Docs: Most people use it anyway, but it is worth mentioning. It is a free product from Google that bundles a bunch of word processing tools saves everything in the cloud, and makes it easier than ever to share documents or work together with others on the same document.

Travel Creators Club: For all those travel content creators out there looking to join a community of like-minded people, this one is for you. With monthly events exploring ideas and trends in the world of travel content, free training sessions, insightful surveys, and a whole lot to come; this one is a must 😀

Microsoft Bing Image Creator: Somehow Bing is bringing us plenty of good AI tools and their free image creator is really worth mentioning. Compared to what you get from other free image generators, this one is by far one of the best.

TripItEasy: A platform by travel creators, for travel creators. This site allows travel content creators to share their favorite places and guides from around the world, and monetize that content if they want.

Canva: For those who need to make anythingg with words and graphics, this is a must-know site. Canva allows you to choose from a large selection of templates, or start your own project with plenty of editing options, built in link to stock image sites, and plenty more to offer.

Global Work and Travel While Having Fun 

While many of the above-mentioned sites and apps are essential to smoother travels, the ones we will be looking at now are just for the fun of it. As Kubrick tells us in The Shining, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so let’s look at some fun sites and apps to use while globe trotting.

Geocaching: This is one of the most fun things you can do while exploring new places. It is a kind of global treasure hunt where people go and hide something and others then use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers, or “geocaches.” The idea was that this app would lead people to unique locations and experiences. For the most part, this app is free to use and can add a whole new level to your travels.

Scavenger Hunt Apps: There are various apps, like “GooseChase” or “Scavify,” that allow you to create or join scavenger hunts and challenges, adding an element of fun to your travels. This can be especially fun if you are traveling with some friends or you meet a bunch of chill people at the hostel the night before who might be keen to take part in a hunt.

Photo Challenges: This is something that can be included in the scavenger hunt category, as many hunts rely on taking pictures. But, there is another way to have fun with photos on the go, namely Instagram challenges. Something like the “365 Photo-a-Day Challenge,” can be a really nice thing to participate in and encourage you to get creative with your travel photography.

Conclusion to Apps and Sites for Travel Content Creators

For travel content creators, these sites and apps can be indispensable tools to help make your travels more efficient and enjoyable. Sure, there are plenty of other useful apps and sites out there, but hopefully, one or two of the ones on our list will be new to you, and offer value on your trips. For those looking to save some money on their next adventure, check out our travel hacking article to get even more ideas for optimizing your adventures.